August 2019   
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Sunday Morning, 9:00 am

Each Sunday morning at 9:00 am, many of us gather for fellowship, coffee, refreshments, study, and discussion. We meet in the Christian Center and sit in a circle on couches, chairs and at tables. It is an informal, comfortable setting with adults and children present.

We promote this family atmosphere as an environment where we can enjoy one another's company and also dig deeply into the Bible and the real life questions we face every day as we walk with Jesus. No one is required to speak, but everyone is welcome to, including the children. And they amaze us with their understanding and retention!

The New Testament book of Acts is our text but we are free to explore all of the Bible. Some of us are there just about every Sunday while others are hit or miss in their participation, and that works out just fine. You could come once a month and still fit right in.

It can be difficult to get  up and going on a Sunday morning. But when you begin with coffee and a donut, light conversation to catch up with folks you haven't seen all week (or longer), and a relaxing setting to listen to or share observations and questions about our common relationship with God, it really doesn't feel like another pressured, stress filled time commitment.

Its sitting down with friends, old and new, listening for God to speak to us through his Word and through each other, before the 10:00 worship gathering. Some of us think it's the best part of the day!

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